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Nina Korshunova

Published on:

Jan 31 2022

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3 minutes

In the previous post, we have shown that ReveaL is competitive with respect to currently available commercial codes. But this study was performed on a relatively simple geometry with a straightforward workflow. If a design is created in a standard CAD preprocessing tool and the simulation runs directly on it, mesh generation usually works smoothly without any issues.

Well… But one department was transferring the design to another department. It was re-saved, re-converted… And you, an engineer, received yet another geometry and started preparing the simulation… And then, you see this:

Really? Is it not familiar? Well, I have seen it a couple of times. After looking at it and looking for a problem, one decides just to redraw the geometry… For a simple geometry, this would take 20-30 minutes.

But what if you can do it in one click? ReveaL can handle broken geometries in precisely the same way as conventional designs!

Let’s take it to the extreme and randomly displace every vertex of the sandwich structure from the previous post and make out of a very smooth geometry an absolute nightmare for an engineer:

At the right, there is the same geometry as at the left, just absolutely non-watertight. In practice, flawed geometries contain defects at a couple of spots, causing meshing troubles. In contrast, this model is full of defects. But well let’s give it a go!

In ReveaL, the user should input the same “elements” as for the smooth, or as we say set discretization control, set the material parameters, specify geometry… And, it is ready to go!

SImulation setup in ReveaL

After exactly 11 seconds (!), ReveaL is ready to show the results. And what do we get?

The maximum displacement value for the watertight geometry is 90.42mu while for the broken one – 90.09mu. There is no difference! And stresses?

The maximum von Mises stress is 616.17MPa for the watertight and 627.63 MPa for the flawed geometry. Less than 2% difference!

Isn’t it already a big step? The first and most important result is that we can simulate these geometries at all. With no manual effort and no extra steps: just click “Submit”. And secondly, both displacements and von Mises stresses almost show no difference!

Impressive? Request your free trial and use ReveaL directly in your browser!

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