Our technology

DirectFEM Technology

Behind the scenes, DirectFEM’s simulation core uses the Finite Cell Method, a derivative of standard finite elements, combining immersed boundary techniques with high-order shape functions.

Immersed Finite Elements

Instead of a boundary-conforming mesh, DirectFEM’s simulation core embeds the geometry in a regular background grid of finite elements.

High order shape functions

Thanks to high order shape functions, our solution offers a much higher per degree-of-freedom accuracy than standard finite elements.

Flexible refinements

Our multi-level refinement solution enables highly accurate results around ROI-s in a simple but efficient manner.

Many geometries supported

Combine and simulate CT scans, point clouds, standard CAD geometries – DirectFEM’s simulation core is able deal with them all.

Massively parallel

The technology is ready to be deployed on a compute cluster, thanks to its scalable architecture.

Simple and accurate

The technology of DirectFEM was designed with simplicity in mind – no tedious preparation of geometric models, no more mesh generation. Simulation is a single click away!

Your benefits



Forget about meshing errors, geometric defects or incompatible CAD formats. Discover DirectFEM’s revolutionary simulation technology, the Finite Cell Method:

  • No mesh generation required
  • Works on dirty geometries, CT scans, point clouds and many more
  • Requires much less human effort


DirectFEM harnesses state-of-the art embedded, highly accurate finite element technology combined with efficient local refinements:

  • Invest computational effort only where you really need it
  • Ready to be deployed in a massively parallel setting


Reap the benefits of a streamlined design-to-analysis process by sparing engineering time invested in mesh generation and simulation pre-processing:

  • Spare up to 80% of engineering time
  • Set up “what if” scenarios
  • Get almost immediate feedback on design alternatives

Das Projekt DirectFEM wird im Rahmen des EXIST-Programms durch das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie und den Europäischen Sozialfonds gefördert.

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